Whole Home Remodels in Austin, TX

Everyone has dreamed about what they would do to change their house into a home. Here at Maddison Homes, we believe dreams do come true. With a whole home remodel, we can take your Austin property and turn it into the place you love to call home. Don’t move, improve!

Remodeling and Renovation Services

You may have heard the terms “whole home remodeling” and “whole house renovation” before. What do those words really mean? Simply put, whole home remodeling projects involve updating more than just one room. Whole home renovation tackles several, or all, of the rooms in your home that need to be changed.

This could mean a makeover for your kitchen and dining room to create a sense of unity and better function. It could mean updating the living room that flows into a new outdoor living space, or it could be removing the entire interior and starting from scratch.

The size and scope of your whole home remodel is up to you; whatever you decide, Maddison Homes is ready to transform your house into the place of your dreams. Our talented team can handle any space with care and grace. We work quickly and efficiently to save time and money so you can start living in your Austin dream home.


Experience and Knowledge

The difference between a house and a home are the little details you add to make it truly YOURS. When you buy a property, you are left with the decisions made by whoever came before you. Whole home remodeling allows you to put your personal touch on every area and aspect of your residence. In a way, whole home remodeling is like being able to custom-order your entire home to your specific wants and needs. It costs a fraction of the price of purchasing a new property and leaves the stress of moving out of the equation.